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Add a new dimension of reliability for your short game with the Tactic!

The Tactic fills a gap in Discmania’s putter line up that many players have been waiting for years. Discmania took its time searching for a viable solution for a truly overstable throwing putter and the Tactic brings you just that.

You can throw it with confidence, putt reliably into strong winds, it’s great for all types of shot selection, and the variety of plastics available allow you to experiment with which one suits you best. The Tactic is similar in depth to a P2 while not too deep to hold, will definitely offer a bit more room to latch on to the rim comfortably.

As the flight numbers suggest, the Tactic is an overstable flyer with fairly minimal glide. It’s perfect for utility shots like steep hyzers, tricky sidearms and even putting, especially when you don’t want your disc to sail too far from the basket in case you miss the chains.

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173-176 grams


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