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The Method is an overstable midrange that can handle pro level power on both forehand and backhand shots. This disc excels beyond other midranges is in its glide. The Method is able to retain its high speed stability without cutting down on distance, giving players more than enough flight time to shape their shots.

Hard Exo plastic is less durable than Neo, making an excellent disc to cycle through your bag with different levels of stability. Players will notice an overstable flight out of the box and can expect to see more high speed turn over time the more it breaks in.

The Method features a big bead which helps the disc feel natural in the hand and gives a consistently smooth release.

Hard Exo plastic is the same composition that’s offered on Evolution line putters. The durability of these is similar to Hard Exo Links. Hitting a tree or other obstacles will cause noticeable wear quickly compared to Evolution line premium plastics such as Lux or Neo.

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