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Ready to move on to the heavyweight division? The PD2 can wrestle any wind and fly far if you have the power it is hungry for.

The PD2 maxes out in most categories: it is very fast, and very overstable. With enough arm speed it can be thrown super far with high predictability. This makes it the #1 choice for long drives with most Discmania sponsored players.The PD2 is available through several plastic types and runs, with some being crazy overstable, and some offering use for the average player too.

As a general rule, C-line PD2s are the most overstable of the standard plastic PD2s. All current run C-PD2s have some amount of micro bubbles inside the rim, which enables us to produce these super meaty rim drivers within the PDGA weight limit. The low weight Blizzard C-line PD2s are identified as a separate item.

The PD2 is a sure-fire distance driver aimed for the big arms. Do you have the power to tame this beast?

Good for: Big hyzers, headwind, flicks, upside down shots, for advanced and pro players.

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