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Do you need more distance but not at the mercy of losing accuracy? Join the FD fan club!

The first fairway driver by Discmania was an instant hit as soon as it was released, and to date is still one of our most sold discs. It flies straight like a midrange, but the exceptional glide gives it extra range without sacrificing any lateral accuracy. So don’t let the speed 7 fool you, this disc will fly far.

The C-line FD is a tad more stable than in other plastic types, so it will suit power throwers better or handle even lightly windy situations. The superb FD glide is still there if given enough speed.

If you are having trouble hitting the fairway with max speed drivers, take a step back, let the glide take you there, and the straight flight will place you in the middle of the fairway.

Good for: Straight fairway drives, turnovers, rollers, for beginners, advanced and pro players alike.

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