Our Team

Tyler Grady

Director of Revenue

I’ve been playing Disc Golf as long as I can remember. My father used to take me to the course at a very young age. This sport and community has been a large part of my life and I intend on it being an even larger part of my life. My brother and I (twins) used to compete at the junior level in the early to mid 2000s. We both took an almost decade hiatus from the sport. We still played casually, but not competitively.

I Started hanging out with some local friends and began playing all the time. Devin, Pittman, and myself, all started competing late in 2019. We have competed in multiple high-tier events this year and developed a large passion for growing the sport. We intend on running sanctioned events, casual events, sponsor other events, sponsor players, put on clinics, and be distributors for various disc golf companies.

We want to grow the sport and need YOUR help!

Devin Grady

Director of Marketing

I started playing disc golf when I was a kid with my dad taking us to a local doubles league and remember my dad eventually taking Tyler and myself to go watch the Dogwood Crosstown Classic in the early 2000’s. Ken Climo, Barry Schultz, Greg Hosfeld, and Larry Leonard were on the final round lead card. It was so mind blowing to see how far the guys could throw and watching them make everything they putted. After the round Barry Schultz, unhappy with his performance, threw us his putter. It was such a cool moment that got my brother and myself hooked. We immediately started playing daily and traveling to play in many of the local PDGA tournaments. We were heavily involved in the local scene. Eventually I moved to Phoenix for a church mission and stopped playing for about 7 years until early 2017 when I moved to Charlotte. I realized how much disc golf had grown and that I had 50 courses in my backyard. A work associate, Dave Pugh, invited me to go play. I was hooked again. I knew I would never leave the sport. It’s such a wonderful experience being able to enjoy the outdoors and watch some discs fly. During COVID we really realized the opportunity of growth disc golf could experience. Through a local match play tournament we decided to create Scorpion Disc Golf. We want to do everything in our power to grow this beautiful sport. We are going to do that by bringing more events and payout to those tournaments ,as well as, getting people to play in any and all local events and talking about it on social media. I’m excited for the future of Scorpion Disc Golf and what we can do to build this wonderful community!

Jonathan Pittman

Director of Operations

The first time I ever played disc golf my friend gave me a Star Tee-rex. I played a few times then slacked off for a while before picking the sport back up a few years later. I actually still currently have that disc he gave me and continue to bag it up until recently. If not for him this sport would likely have never came into my life. This past year (2019) I competed in my first tournament at the Fall Disc Golf Classic in Jacksonville NC, a tournament that has been going on for many years that my friends (Tyler and Devin) have competed in in the past. I ended up taking home 4th place in MA1 only 4 strokes back from the lead, and couldn’t have been happier with my performance and have since been hooked.

When I started playing disc golf I never thought or planned to take it any further than just goofing off and having fun with friends after work and school. After continuing to compete in more events along with Tyler and Devin we all realized we wanted to start a company to run our own events and do our part to grow this amazing sport. I look forward to future endeavours with our new company and hope to bring more fun and inclusive events to all players new and old so everyone can experience what I have over the last few years, and hopefully reach our main goal of ultimately growing this sport as much as we can.


Our Members

Team Scorpion MembersCurrent PointsTotal Points Earned
Adam Baker1010
Adam Luthman "82840"150150
AJ Valdez "130564"6060
Andrew Lambert "160388"220220
Andrew McClure "158858"4040
Andy Sieminski "152199"150150
Andrew Wiler "46850"13101310
Angel Munoz "159513"4040
Anthony Gervasi "128815"110110
Benjamin Burgamy "167794"450450
Brandon Vo "147392"730730
Brent Wynne "107385"580580
Brian "Dead Sexy" Gilmette "45156"8080
Chinou Yang "158645"240240
Chris Decker "149086"140140
Chris Merida "145333"200200
Chris Myers "129801"2020
Christopher Walton "89041"6060
Cody Glenn "170831"1010
Cory Hester "164314"130130
Corey Wilson1010
Dave Pugh1010
Dylan Elliot3030
Elizabeth Cipar "137170"12701270
Emma Harrison "148477"7501250
Emily Garner "127175"2701270
Evan Hendershot "151224"7070
Jakob Taylor "107179"350350
Jameson Norman "144230"8080
Jarrett Wallace "64735"600600
Jason Taylor "68798"250250
Jeni Grady1010
Jennifer Cruz "129064"9201050
Jeremy Pittman "150553"200200
Jerry Goodnight "136993"140140
Jesse Mann "155525"8080
John Babel "151334"320320
John Edel "38313"4040
John Howard "87155"380380
Jonathan Gilchrist "167083"6060
Jordan Shirley "100228"7301340
Joshua Lee "131999"480480
Joshua Sandy "113488"100100
Justin Caldwell "126670"330330
Keith Wade "91021"250250
Kelly Calloway "156517"3030
Lane Sampley1010
Lindsey Scott "127203"14401440
Luis Cortell "153049"1010
Matthew Schackelford "149629"60310
Matthew Ward "153612"5050
Max Crotts "25901"8080
Nate Evans "129589"240240
Nick Allienello "162214"5050
Oliver Jet French "70739"4040
Paul Toriello "115006"850850
Pete Titus "113545"410410
Robert "Chris" Wiles "113645"7070
Ryan McDaniel "139006"140140
Shannon Holden "142765"110110
Taylor Midgett1010
Tony Grady "21753"120330
Tyler Jernigan "116465"660660
Tyler Wozniak "92805"230230
Wade Calvert "162584"5050
Zack Poczontek "96462"5050


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